Thursday, July 21

First Post

Why a blog?

I’ve been reading and enjoying various comic book blogs for a while and finally decided to give it a go. Seems like a good way to reminisce and rediscover my collection.

Why Radioactive Swamp?

I have a fondness for spooky type horror comics of the 70’s, and in those comics it seems like every third creature or hero in this time period was either being dunked in a radioactive pit (like the Batman villain Dr. Phosphorus) or was crawling out of the muck of a swamp (like the Swamp Thing and his Marvel brother Man-Thing). The name I think gives a good theme to work off of when I’m not being distracted by shinny objects or running off on editorial tangents.

What kind of posts can we expect to see?

I have probably a 5:1 ratio of DC to Marvel comics so I’ll be covering those characters a bit more. Of the Marvel that I have, I have quite a few Spider-Man issues which conveniently fits the radioactive theme of the site quite well. Old Batman issues dominate the DC side of the collection so I’ll concentrate on the era when he was fighting guys like the Spook, the afore mentioned Dr. Phosphorus & the ever so villainous and see through Gentleman Ghost. What Doom Patrol, Weird War Tails & Deadman comics that I have, will also garner some space. Plus many other tangents as yet undecided.

So that’s post one, hopefully I’ll be posting on a somewhat regular basis and more hopefully the posts will entertain.


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